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Retirement Today for Employers and their staff

Retirement Today magazine is distributed to companies and organisations nationally to staff approaching or thinking about retirement.

Retirement Today Magazine

Planning for retirement is important. Many people look forward to their retirement as a time when they can have the freedom to do what they want, or as the time rewarded for working all their life.  Retirement from work can mean changes in lifestyle and often it is important for people to adjust and make the most of this new phase in their life.

We work with employers and pre-retirement councils to help provide an informative and interesting magazine for people contemplating retirement.  The magazine covers a wide range of subjects including travel, culture, gardening, as well as informative topics on finance, tax, health and much more.

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Take the opportunity of providing your staff with a copy of the magazine, and help them to make the most of this new chapter in their life.

For more details on how you can offer the magazine to your staff, please contact Justine Cummings on Tel. 01442 891608 or email


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